A laid back cosmopolitan island families absolutely love.

It’s hard to describe Antiparos in words. The magical aura of this island sends you back into years of carelessness, where nothing really mattered. Its summer fragrance dazes you even before you get a chance to step foot on the beach , while its loving vibes make you feel like you are floating under the hot Greek sun. It’s such a small island but ready to provide you with exciting experiences and endless memories of a Greek summer.
You will be mesmerised by the smells of sunscreen , Greek sea salt and a promise that for years to come you will be back again, rolling on the hot sand and dancing till the morning sun comes up.

The extra special thing about this small island is that you don’t need any means of transport, which contributes to “zen” situations and the fact that you get to bump into everybody everywhere. In the morning on the beach nearby that not everyone knows of, Psaralykes under the trees, Soros, Georgios, but also on the small beaches around the island. There are 5 beaches, with sand and amazing crystal clear waters, within 5-10 min walk from the main street (Psaraliki 1, Psaraliki 2, Camping beach, Baby beach, Sunset beach).

And, in the evening, on the main paved road, full of chic boutiques, white houses with blue touches, bougainvillea, eucalyptus and a relaxed atmosphere that will make you forget about any difficulties, anything that makes you sad, and you can live for the present moment.Coloured by centuries and with the friendliest people, you’ll come upon everything from a tavern where mama still cooks, people dancing in the street, fishermen selling their catch off a boat and fashion boutiques open till 2am. This sun kissed island exudes youthfulness, freshness, freedom and love.

If the summer finds you in Antiparos, don’t forget to →

Rent a bike to explore the island, so as to feel the Cycladic air. This experience offers you a real feeling of freedom.

Visit the imposing Cave of Antiparos, on the hill of Ai-Giannis at a height of 177 m from the sea. While descending its 411 steps, you will be enchanted by the art of nature, with the stalactites taking the form given to you by your imagination.

Take a boat to Despotiko Island. Southwest of Antiparos and a breath away from it, there is a small uninhabited island, with untouched beaches. Also historical sight, currently reviving a 5bc century temple.

For the evening, the main road will take you to the central square filled with cool places to sip on cocktails and listen to some smooth sounds.

While in Antiparos Greece, try the local delicacies, such as charcoal grilled octopus, fresh fish, wild rabbit stew, local goat meat, zucchini balls and the famous Antiparos tsipouro (a potent alcoholic beverage).

The island hosts the festivals of patron saint Agia Marina on July 17th, with a 3-day celebration including cultural and sports events and, of course, an abundance of food, wine and dancing.

Try wind-surfing and kite surfing – the paros/antiparos channel is famous for the wind.

Check out antidot boutique – a local fashion brand designed in Antiparos!

PS. You thought you saw, a super celebrity having a cocktail? It’s true, every summer Antiparos is the destination for many hollywood celebrities – some of them even own a house on the island! Just to name few (Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Renee zellweger, and many more)