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Antiparos | Map of Antiparos Greece Travel Information, Sightseeing & Attractions


  • We are located in the village of Antiparos just 200 meters (5 minute walk) from the main village square, in front of two beautiful beaches, Psaralyki Beach 1 and Psaralyki Beach 2.
  • The port is 800 meters away from the village square and 500 meters away from the periphery.
  • Supermarket: 200 m
  • Bus Stop: 50 m


Below we provide travel information you will need to arrange your trip to Antiparos, as well as information about how to reach Kastro hotel complex.

To reach Antiparos Island, you must first go to Paros Island and take a ferry boat to Antiparos.

By Air From  Elefterios Venizelos Athens Airport
Athens - Paros. Daily flight departures ( 35 minutes).

Τηλ. 801 114 4444, 210 9666666

Mykonos island and Santorini island receive international charter flights
(then daily connection by ferry to Paros-Antiparos)

By Sea from Piraeus Port (Athenian Port)

High speed boat ( from Piraeus lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes )

Τηλ. + 30 210 4199000

Ferry Boat by the Blue Star (from Piraeus lasts 4, 5 hours )

Τηλ. + 30 210 8910800

or Rafina Port : (close to the  Elefterios Venizelos airport)
Τηλ. +30 210 4594096

HOW TO COME TO “Kastro Antiparos”

1.From Paros (Parikia port) –Antiparos Port
By small boat for passengers only that last 20 minutes.

2.From Paros ( Pounda port)-Antiparos port  Take a bus, car or taxi (10 min drive)
Ferry Pounta-Antiparos  7 minutes  trip for cars and passengers

Call or send an SMS of your arrival and you will be met at Antiparos Port and taken to Kastro, where you will receive a warm welcome.

About Antiparos Island

The small island of Antiparos Greece belongs to the Cycladic Island Cluster and is southwest of Paros. It is a picturesque island that is embraced by beautiful sandy beaches, secluded coves and crystal waters. Its whitewashed houses, narrow cobble-stone alleyways, tiny churches and bougainvillea flowers compose a genuine Cycladic image. Antiparos is a favourite destination of families, romantics and people looking for a unique holiday getaway. Antiparos can satisfy those who desire an unusual kind of vacation, offering activities such as trekking and cycling to isolated beaches and hills, photography of the exquisite landscape, the Cave, the Castle, and other attractions, the sunset and the flora, celebrating with the locals during Agia Marina day, cruising with a fishing boat, discovering the quiet virgin sands of Despotiko Isle, going sightseeing to its ancient ruins and spear fishing in its waters.

Alternative holidays are available on Antiparos Island for those who have an adventurous spirit and want to get away from the bustle of everyday life. The main city of Antiparos is Kastro (which means castle), which takes its name from the 15th century Venetian castle of the town that is a rare architectural creation and the film set of the awarded movie "Mandalena". History has recorded several important events on Antiparos Island. Relics of a Neolithic Settlement (4, 000 BC) and the oldest Cycladic marble idol called "the obese lady of Saliagou" have been found on the island.
Antiparos is famous for its exquisite cave that is located on St. Ioannis Hill. It is the only vertical cave in Europe, has a depth of 85 meters and possesses unique human-shaped stalagmites and impressive stalactite formations. The Cave is one of the finest in Greece and is considered a "natural museum". It has a large number of inscriptions in it, many of which have faded due to the cave's humidity, but several can still be read, such as the inscriptions of the Marquee de Nouadel, King Otto and the poet Archilochos.

Recent digs on the isle of Despotiko, headed by the archaeologist G. Kouragios and his team, have revealed a significant Archaic religious center, which was probably used for the worship of the goddess Artemis and the god Apollo, who were especially revered in the Cycladic area.

While in Antiparos Greece, try the local delicacies, such as charcoal grilled octopus, fresh fish, wild rabbit stew, local goat meat, zucchini balls and the famous Antiparos tsipouro (a potent alcoholic beverage). The island hosts the festivals of patron saint Agia Marina on July 17th, with a 3-day celebration including cultural and sports events and, of course, an abundance of food, wine and dancing.

Antiparos hosts several festivals, such as:

  • the Festival of St. Ioannis of Spiliotis on the Cave, on May 7, with traditional dancing and treats
  • the celebration of St Giannis, on June 23 and 24, which takes place in the Medieval Castle (a tradition of Kelidonas)
  • the Festival of the patron saint S. Marina on July 16-17, including cultural and sports events and, of course, an abundance of food, wine and dancing
  • the Festival of Panagia Faneromeni, on September 7th (where you can go by fishing boat and ferry only)