Be the best you everyday.

Be kind to people, be respectful to the enviroment, be part of the local community. Be nice.

We are highly sensitive to the impact that tourism can have on the local environment and community. That’s why we positively contribute to the local environment, community, culture, history and ensure an ethical economy.


Practising environmental Sustainability. Respecting our planet. Celebrating the magnificence of nature. Reducing the detrimental impact that we humans can have on our environment. These are all our greatest priorities. We are constantly examining new ways to reduce our footprint and respect the environment, and we are already practising water and energy management systems, as well as waste and food management procedures.

Some examples:
– Towel and sheet re-use program.
– Use of room-based keycards to control enegry waste in each room – lighting, heating or cooling.
– Use and promote local products, cooperate only with local suppliers.
– Use of solar water heaters for hot water

Meanwhile the hotel is involved in local programmes that promote eco-consciousness and protection of the local biodiversity and habitats.


Fair employment practice, law-compliance, respecting labour standards & safety. We placing our people in the center of any operation. We are a family-run hotel, our family together with the empoyees make Kastro Boutique resort the most welcoming hotel on Antiparos island.

Local Community

We are a part of the local community, we are proud Antiparians who want to see the local community thrive. We participate, we lead local initiatives empowering women, we set objectives on sustainble tourism helping the island stay authentic and true to the values of the local islanders.

Leading member of Antiparos women association
Leading member of Antiparos tourism comittee
Member of Antiparos recycling comittee
Supporting AWA (Animals Welfare Antiparos)