Antiparos Hotels Enchanting with the Antiparos Allure – An Antiparos Guide

Despite its relatively small size, Antiparos, Greece remains a top destination in the Aegean Sea among people searching for a slice of heaven on earth. This beautiful dot in the sea is home to pristine villas owned by celebs the magnitude of Tom Hanks! Featuring whitewashed houses with bougainvillea-filled balconies, cubic-shaped constructions, and blue-domed churches, all distinguishing of traditional Cycladic architecture, Antiparos is a sight for sore eyes, indeed.

No wonder many Antiparos hotels are an attraction on their own, impressing with their style, chicness, amenities, and comforts. Without a doubt, this authentic Greek island seems to have been created to please everybody, from couples and groups of friends to solo globetrotters and families with kids. This guide will give you a small taste of the very essence that makes Antiparos such an extraordinary holiday destination.

Top Things to do in Antiparos

You will soon realise that the more you mingle with the locals and stroll the cobbled streets, the more interesting opportunities for more things to do open up. Antiparos, Greece, as every Cycladic island, gathers all of its vibrant nightlife and attractions in its capital (aka Chora or Antiparos Town). There, you will find plenty of cafes, tavernas, restaurants, seaside bars, and shops selling from souvenirs to jewelry.

Visiting the Venetian Castle

As you wander around, chances are the road will take you to the imposing Antiparos Venetian Castle. Though not a full-scale castle, it still is a characteristic sight of the island dating back to 1440. Built to help the islanders protect themselves from invaders and pirates, it now stands a proud reminder of its once glorious days. Do check out the gorgeous Gothic gateway near the main tower and do not leave without treating yourself to the heart-stopping views of the archipelago.

Note: Most Antiparos hotels are actually built near or around the Castle, offering guests incredible panoramas that soothe the eye and ease the soul.

Watching Idyllic Sunsets

One of the most popular spots to watch the sun glide behind the horizon is Sifneiko Beach (aka Sunset Beach). Overlooking Sifnos island, the lovely stretch of sand is the perfect and most romantic place to kiss the day goodbye. Although you will need to walk an incredibly scenic path to get there, the experience is definitely worth it. Or you could choose to stay in the comfort of your Hotel in Antiparos and share romantic moments with your significant other.

Exploring the Enchanting Antiparos Caves

Hands down, the Cave is the top attraction of Antiparos, Greece. Home to a beautiful chapel (Agios Ioannis Church) and majestic stalagmites and stalactites, the Cave is around 85m deep and highlights a massive 45 million-year-old column. As you go down the 411 steps leading to the heart of the cave, you will notice a chilling sensation running up and down your spine. It is the awe that this place inspires nearly all of its visitors year after year!

However, the Antiparos Cave is not the only spectacular cove on the island. In fact, Antiparos, Greece, counts several secret sea caves waiting to be explored. Don’t forget to swim in the emerald waters during a boat tour or try snorkeling. Speaking of boat tours, you could also book a trip to the mesmerising Despotiko Island that usually departs from the charming village of Agios Georgios.

Strolling Despotiko Island

This uninhabited minute islet off the Antiparos coast welcomes you to an ancient sanctuary second only to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Delos Island. Once the largest nature reserve and refuge, it is now a fascinating archaeological site visited by thousands of tourists every year. While here, do visit the shores. You will be impressed by the sugary beaches, with Livadi being the most popular one. Note that you won’t find any accommodation options, and definitely not the luxury Antiparos Hotels here rather than Mother Nature in full blossom.

Experiencing the Antiparos Nightlife

Antiparos is a Greek island with a vibrant night scene. Not nearly close to the costly Mykonos, nor suited to young partygoers, Antiparos still enchants with its vintage and authentic flair. The laid-back and incredibly peaceful Chora comes to life every evening while the air gets filled with the beat from the clubs till the early morning hours. For a quieter experience, you can head to the cocktail bars along the coast. And, while you live the Antiparos allure to the core, wait for the sunrise! The views are simply incredible as shades of gold and pink shower you.

Swim and Sunbath

You can’t visit an island without diving into its waters and enjoying the sun and the sea. Antiparos is no exception with its golden sandy beaches and crystalline waters, creating fantastic opportunities for water sports. It comes as no surprise that Kastro Boutique Resort and other top-ratted Antiparos Hotels are perched across pristine locations overlooking the hypnotising coast! Some of the shores that deserve a place in your itineraries are:

  • Camping Beach (one of the oldest nudist beaches in Greece)
  • Theologos (calm, shallow waters – perfect for families with kids)
  • Sifneiko (ideal for windsurfing due to strong north winds)
  • Panagia (a sandy shore with cobalt waters).
  • Psaraliki.
  • Livadia Beach (best waves for surfing).
  • Soros.

Planning your wedding

Every year, hundreds of couples decide to have their wedding in Antiparos. The traditional Greek way of living and hospitality are exceptionally represented here. Kastro Boutique can become your go-to Antiparos wedding planner and help make your dreamy wedding become a tangible reality for you. With such heart-stopping vistas and a landscape so gorgeous, giving your nuptial ceremony-related fantasies a breath of fresh air will not be a challenge at all!

Note: Kastro Boutique Resort is among the very few Antiparos hotels that offer such a diverse and complete service list. Our first priority is to provide authentic experiences to all of our guests and satisfy even the most discerning ones – a mission we have never failed to fulfil!

Where to stay

You have plenty of Antiparos accommodation options, with Kastro Boutique Resort being on top of every traveller’s list. Whether you are planning a short escape, your wedding, or a longer holiday at the beautiful Greek island, rest assured that you will leave with your baggage full of unforgettable memories.